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I got media credentials for my website, SFL Auto Events. Took over 1200 pics, picked out the best ones and posted them on fb and on http://www.sflautoevents.com. Take a look :D


Facebook albums (same photos, but on the SFL Auto Events Facebook Page)
Formula Drift Kickoff Party @ PBIR 5/31/2012 (Facebook)
Formula Drift @ PBIR Day 1 06/01/2012 (Facebook)
Formula Drift @ PBIR Day 2 06/02/2012 (Facebook)

If anyone is wondering, SFL Auto Events is a website that I made that has an online calendar of racing events, car shows, and car meets. I try to keep up with it as much as possible in order to keep it updated. It has a Facebook and Twitter where I post updates about events as well.


Visiting the website on your phone redirects you to the mobile version of the website, where you can find information much more quickly. You can even look up location information and directions using your smartphone!

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