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Hello Fanatics,

I have an E46 2004, 318 i and I want to upgrade to X1 petrol Option.
I come from Kenya and as you are aware the roads on these sides are not the best for these cars.
X1 may not be the best 'Off-roader' 'but I am curious about the Xdrive, AWD and how it drives in wet roads with mud.

1. When I get stuck in mud due X1 being AWD does it have an option of locking it into say a 4WD mode to prevent power being reduced on wheels that are slipping but not moving? I would wish all wheels to turn with speed as I step on the gas even if they are slipping just like a 4WD does.

2. Would disengaging DSC (Hopefully X1 has the button) when stuck in mud allow all wheels to slip without cutting power to the wheels?

3. How does the Xdrive affect my driving when I get stuck in Mud?

4. Any literature on this technology would be appreciated too.

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