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For those who has dustless brake pads?

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Damn I am tried of the amount of dust my brakes produces. My rims will only stay clean for one day after a car wash and it becomes gun-metal. Does Axxis dustless pad really works? How much are they?


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I got Hawk HPS from Race Shopper, $70 for the fronts. These are high performance street pads that out-perform the stock pads and they dust less.
Ok, I should include my impressions of the Hawk HPS pads. First of all they're super quiet, at least as quiet as the stock pads. Second, I notice the braking is more progressive and easier to modulate. Some people find the stock braking too touchy at times and the HPS takes care of that over-sensitivity.

According to experts like [email protected] and some driving instructor friends, Hawk HPS out-performs the stock pads and they're even suitable for light duty tracking (e.g. driving schools). I haven't done any hard braking yet as I just installed them, but I can attest that the dusting is a lot less than the stock pads.

Here's where I bought them from.

mr_ziggy711 said:
How much is a lot less dust than the stock ones. I mean the stock has a ton of dust! Do you mean you can start seeing the dust after one week after a car wash?
Um, it only has been 3 days since I washed my wheels. I'll take a picture after one week. I can tell you this much. With stock pads it's obvious that the fronts dust a lot more than the rears, and since I installed the HPS (only on the front), the front wheels are cleaner than the rear wheels. That's the best description I can give so far.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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