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Peake Research R5/SRS-16 code reader plus manual $75 plus shipping. This is the 16 pin model that plugs in under the dash. Great tool reset SRS airbag light.

For most BMWs built between 1994 and 2002. Compatibility notes.

Text me at 619-865-9555. Ethan

R5/SRS-16 Features:
• Models available for most BMWs built between 1994 and 2002. Compatibility notes.
• Displays all SRS fault codes; tells you what's wrong.
• Resets the "SRS" light.
• Very easy to use.
• Includes instruction manual and code charts.

Indispensable for Mechanics, Racers, Installers, Tuners!
The BMW airbag (SRS) light is something that every installer, mechanic, racer and tuner will eventually face. The removal of interior components such as the seat, steering wheel, ECUs, parts of the wiring harness, etc... will cause the airbag light to come on. It stays on, until a tool is used to reset it. Until now, the only solutions were a trip to the dealer, which will always costs you time and money, or the purchase of a very costly scan and reset tool. With the low cost, Peake Research R5/SRS, you simply read the code, look up the code in our code book, make sure you know exactly why the airbag light is on, fix the problem, then reset it. It's just that simple.

Examples of common situations that cause the SRS/Airbag light:

A loose connector
Alarm Installation
Stereo Installation
Seat removal
Seat upgrade
Seat belt replacement
Steering Wheel removal
Steering Wheel upgrade
Fuse Removal
A corroded connector
Unplugged Wiring harness
Body Work
Engine compartment work


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