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1.MAF sensor, for e46. Paid $425 brand new at SF BMW today.
I could 've bought online but needed the part right away, and it turned out that my original sensor was not faulty. Will let it go for $300 shipped! I actually have 2 of these new parts...( one is being sent ) crazy I know....my loss is your gain.

2.Bremi ignition Coil X 2 also bought at SF BMW for $95 each.
Pm me an offer on those.

3.Stock suspension for e46 325ci 2001 used for about 5000 miles. Springs, shocks, swaybars. I lowered my car with pss way back so I won't need these. Pm offers.

4. Stock cassette player. Also barely used as I upgraded my system back in 01. $75.

5. Rca Monster cables, about 17 feet barely used. $30.

If you're interested in these or want pics, let me know. I'm on 56k and it will take forever for me to upload these.

Thanks for looking!
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