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** FOR SALE ** BMW 325Ci E46 M54 B25 Engine (out of a 2001 325Ci not M3). Collection in person only.
This has been taken from a 2001 3 SERIES with 325Ci coupe circa 150,000 Miles but may suit other models.
The car has been owned by the same person since 2005, however it started to consume oil, so this engine was removed to give it a full overhaul and clean; weeks of painstaking cleaning. New head gasket, new valve stem seals (which were a source of leakage), painstaking valve clean up. New water pump/belt/tensioners. One new coil pack (single). However when reinstalled into the car the engine still continued to consume oil hence it was replaced in the car with another M54 engine. Therefore the assumption is the Piston Rings still need replacing as these were not looked at during the overhaul, as the valve steam seals were found to be the problem. Best car I've owned which is why I kept it for 15yrs and spent more than it was worth in 2019-20, over £3k on the whole car.
Year:2001 Fuel: Petrol
Transmission:5 Speed Manual
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