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AutoEnginuity pc-based scan tool with cables and enhanced expansion for BMWs. I used it dozens of times while working on and diagnosing issues with both my E46 M3 and then my E92 M3. Don't have a BMW any longer but held on to this very useful tool in case I ever did get back into a BMW. Alas, time to let it go to another BMW enthusiast. I asking $270 shipped in the CONUS.


From AutoEnginuity's Website:

Enhanced Interface for BMW and MINI 1996-2020 (EI07)

Our enhanced BMW interface supports thousands of sensors and bi-directional controls selected from 200+ controllers such as engine (DME / DDE), transmission (EGS / SMG / DKG), ABS, airbags, and other body and chassis systems.
With our enhanced BMW, we support translating older BMW FC codes into OBD-II DTCs for all engine and transmission controllers. Also, supported is such trouble code status information as the fault frequency and fault conditions.
Model Coverage:
  • 1 Series E8X/F21/F22/F87 (2004-2015)
  • 2 Series F22/F23 (2014-2016)
  • 3 Series E36/E46/E9X/F3X/G20 (1996-2016)
  • 4 Series F3X (2015-2016)
  • 5 Series E39/E6X/F1X/G3X (1997-2016)
  • 6 Series E62/E63/F06/F1X (2004-2016)
  • 7 Series E38/E65/E66/F0X/G11/G12 (1996-2016)
  • i3 I01 (2015-2016)
  • i8 I12 (2015-2016)
  • X1 X84/F48 (2009-2016)
  • X3 E83/F25 (2004-2016)
  • X5 E53/E7x/F15 (1999-2016)
  • X6 E71/F16 (2008-2016)
  • M3 E36/E46/E9X/F30/G20 (1996-2015)
  • M5 E39/E60/F11/G11 (1999-2015)
  • M6 E62/F16 (2004-2016)
  • MINI R50/R51/R53/R55/R56/R57/R60/F55/F56 (2001-2016)
  • Z3 (1996-2002) (1.9L, 2.0L, 2.2L, 2.3L, 2.5L, 2.8L, and 3.0L)
  • Z4 E85/E86/E89 (2003-2016)
  • Z8 (1999-2003)
System Tests:
  • Determine All Systems Present and Operating
  • Display Service and Inspection Information
  • Display Coding Information
  • Self-Test (Safety and Information)
  • Steering Angle Adjust (MK20, MK60, DSC 8, EBC 4, DSC 60PP, DSC Premium, EPS, SZL)
  • Lateral Acceleration and Pressure Adjust (MK20, MK60, DSC 60PP, DSC Premium [E46 non-M models, E8x, E9x, E6x, and MINI])
  • ABS Bleed (MK60 [on E46 '03+, E85/E86, and MINI models])
Service Functions:
  • Reset Airbag Light
  • Reset Conditional Based Service (E and F Chassis)
  • Reset Oil Service Light (for all 9/2000+ models)
  • Reset Service Interval Distance and Time (for all 9/2000+ models)
  • Register Replacement Battery BMW (E6x/E8x/E9x/Fxx/Gxx)
  • Register Replacement Battery MINI (R55/R56/R57/R60/F5x)
  • Reset DME, EGS, and RLS Adaptations
  • Reset EGS Oil Life Counter (6HP, 6HPTU, GM5, and GM6 units)
  • Reset VTG Oil Change
  • Set / Cancel Workshop Mode and Startup Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)
  • Clear and Set Transport and Sleep Modes
  • Window Initialization (E8x/E9x/E60/E61)
  • Driver and Passenger Seat Normalization (Fx0)
  • Normalize Driver Door for F07 / F10 / F11
  • Switch On Compressor Break-In Protection (E60/E61)
  • Teach In Clutch Slipping, Teach In Clutch Characteristic Curve, Teach Clutch Values, and Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor Offset (SMG II)
  • DDE 5.0 M47 / M57 diesel special function support:
    • Air Mass Flow Calibration
    • Reset Quantity Mean Value Adaptation
    • Reset EGR Calibration to Zero
    • Reset Injection Rate Reset Calibration To 100 Percent
    • Reset Consumption Calculation Reset To Calibration To Neutral
    • Request Particulate Filter Regeneration and Replace of Particulate Filter
  • DDE 6.0 N57 and DDE 7.0 N57 / N47 diesel special function support:
    • Reset Hot Air Film Mass Sensor
    • Reset Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor before Turbocharger
    • Reset EGR Valve
    • Reset Rail Pressure Regulating Valve Adaptation
    • Reset Radiator Shutter Variant
    • Reset Electric Fuel Pump Adaptations
    • Reset EGR Valve Adaptations
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