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It's time to let this FUN MFer go. I have too much cr*p. This car is getting neglected at this point. I have a nice drive now and then, but yeah, it's time.
It's slightly lowered, shifts super clean and moves - especially once you're out of altitude. At 9,000 ft of elevation everything without a turbo is wheezy. At 5k and below this car really shines with the normally aspirated 6.

2005 330XI (salvage title, it rear-ended someone at some point before I ever bought it)

Price: $5,500. Parts at the bottom are negotiable.
Location: Black Hawk, Colorado

Pics are here: and I didn't clean her up.

Mods.... So, friggin many.
Thule rack with yakima ski holders (tape on the rack ends cuts the noise.)
Android head unit with factory AC relocation bracket installed.
Rebuilt control arms (the XIs are cast iron so new ball joints and bushings) inner and outer ball joints! (Meyle HD)
Diffs from an automatic - 3.46 front and rear diffs!
Six Speed Manual Transmission
UUC ultimate short shifter EVO3 - rebuilt linkage - shifts tight and the shifter height may be tuned.
Bilstein B8 shocks and struts
Eibach springs
Rebuilt front CVs from cvjaxle - (they only rebuild factory axles, no chinesium.)
New bushings like everywhere. I never did get around to the RTABS, however. Transfer case, transmission, engine mounts, Rear diff (except the rear upper PITA but I did inspect them and they looked ok.)
SS Brake hoses
Flushed brake fluid, etc.
Sport seats, brushed aluminum interior trim
Carbon fiber sunroof delete - yes, the proper delete kit. Does not leak. Headliner was filled with hardboard and covered in like, but not perfect matching headliner material.

Engine Mods:
Bimmerbrakes Headers, Euro base software installed - no o2 codes and it runs right.
ZHP Cams - yup. I also have the long block on the engine stand.
Beisan systems Vanos kit installed
German Auto Solutions aluminum Disa flapper
M56 Valve cover - aluminum valve cover - no plastics. replaced PVC diaphram with a russian made replacement. THIS MEANS NO PVC CRAP UNDER THE INTAKE.
M3 Oil filter housing - uses M3 filters which are really nice AND allows for the oil cooler that's hiding up front.
AN hoses for the water cooler.
EGR Air pump delete (factory cover)
Achilles motorsports oil pump shaft:
The bolt is threadlocked, torqued and safetywired.
Gaskets... so many gaskets. All the usual suspects and more (oil pan, housing, etc.)
ZHP Shifter
THICK mtech steering wheel - see the pics.

CSF Racing Aluminum Radiator
Zionsville Aluminum overflow tank
Racing Thermostat - I machined up my own. It's never leaked and the engine NEVER goes over temp. (but the stupid coolant sensor in that tank likes to trigger half the time.
Stewart Water Pump
ECS tuning aluminum water pump pulley
All new cooling hoses were installed with the pump, overflow tank and radiator install. (Including the hard pipes under the intake.
Mostly AN hoses with M3 power steering pump.
Rebuilt steering rack

New alternator this spring. New battery a couple years ago. (yes, AGM)
New windshield around 2 years ago, still could use a new cowling at the bottom.
New Bosch MAF 2-3 years ago.
Replaced wiring harness section for the cooling sensor, etc.

Front right brake has developed a funky spot - I think it glazed or something. Could use a new rotor up there probably.
Needs a cat. I just kept not having time. You WILL need this to pass emissions. Exhaust leak at the header to pipe, planned to fix than when I did the cat.
Carbon fiber hood is cracked all to hell. This happened in shipping so I tossed it on there anyway.
Needs different washer nozzles OR to have the grate siliconed in. Choose and perish.
There's a damn clunk somewhere up front. I still don't know what it is. I have another entire subframe to go in there next.
You only hear it on bumps.
Still get minor fender rubs in the rear on big bumps. I added a 10mm BMW pad to each side a while back which helped, but it still happens once in a while. Maybe just roll the fenders.
The front clip is a bit effed up. I have a full replacement in the box... see the options parts list below.
I triggered the air bag light when I worked on the door once - just forgot to disco. I've been to lazy to drag out the tool and reset it.
Coolant sensor triggers regularly, it may just be sticking - I've never, ever had any signs of overheating. With the thermostat and rad, it's rock solid.
Oh, the outside temperature sensor died and needs to be replaced. It likes to beep annoying from time to time.
Mirrors work fine but have the edge creep that these cars get.
The body has earned some dings - I seriously think an elk scratched the door on one side.Could use some love.

Optional parts - open for negotiation here.
New in the box Mtech II front bumper - just like the one on the car (with new fogs). Needs to be painted.
two full sets of vanos parts - one from the ZHP and another from a junker pull.
Another M56 aluminum valve cover (yes aside from the insalled one)
Partially dissasembled (I pulled the cams) ZHP long block - SUPER clean inside. like freaky clean. 96k on that block.
Cams from my engine - I was going to send them off for a regrind but never got around to it.
JB Racing Lightweight flywheel (made for M3, but JB hooked me up with the center bearing holder needed to work with the 6 speed.
Another flywheel - IIRC it's from the ZHP block.
old steering wheel is in my parts bin too
Rial 17s with studded snow tires
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5500 and I'll throw in the car.
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