1. 2002 BMW 330Ci with S54 Swap (CA BAR Certified)
  2. WBABN534X2PH00026
  3. Current Mileage: 131,561 miles
  4. List of options/packages: Summary listed below
  5. Owned since new: 20 years
  6. Maintenance records: Available upon request
  7. Location: 94112
  8. Willing to ship? Yes, at buyer’s expense
  9. Asking Price: $15,000
CA BAR certification was granted on 8/31/12. The S54 donor engine had 79,326 miles and the chassis had 86,747 miles when the swap was completed. The CA BAR certification is completed when the car had 87,359 miles.

Selling because I have an E46 M3 car now and I do not have the space for this car as well. It is currently stored indoors at my parent’s house.

Big 3 Completed
  • VANOS Replaced
  • Rear Subframe Reinforced
  • Rod Bearing Changed with WPC Coated Bearings
  • S54 engine swap with a factory 420G manual transmissions
  • Dr. Vanos Modified Intake Splines
  • Dr. Vanos Modified Exhaust Splines
  • Dr. Vanos Cryo Exhaust Hub
  • Beisan Systems Vanos Solenoid Pack
  • Beisan Systems Tensioner Chain Guide
  • BMW Intake/Exhaust Cam Bolts
  • Updated BMW VANOS Rigid Oil Line
  • Vibra-Technics Engine Mounts
  • CSF High Performance Aluminum Radiator
  • Saleri Water Pump
  • Bimmerworld Coolant Hoses
  • Bimmerworld Oil Diverter Valve
  • Custom TCDesign Section 2/3 Exhaust for S54 swaps
  • JBRacing Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel
  • Clutchmaster FX250 Clutch Kit
  • Autosolutions 30% Short Shifter Kit
  • Rogue Engineering Stainless Steel Clutch line
  • Rogue Engineering Transmission Mounts
  • Beyer Driveline E46 M3 Driveshaft Rebuild
  • Koni Yellow Sport Shock Set
  • Eibach Pro-Kit Springs
  • Turner Motorsport Rear Shock Mounts
  • PowerFlex Front Control Arm Bushings
  • PowerFlex Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
  • TCDesign ST3-Spec Half Roll Bar with Subframe Tie-ins at all 4-points
  • Rear shock towers reinforced for rear coilover suspension
  • Lang Racing Carbon Fiber Roof
  • Bimmerworld Solid Subframe Mounts
  • Bimmerworld Solid Differential Mounts
  • Track Car Door Cards Covers on Front Doors
  • Depo Smoked Front and Side Markers
  • Hard Motorsport Brake Duct Intlets and Fog Light Delete
  • Bimmerworld Pedal Set
  • California BAR certified S54 engine swap in a non-M E46 chassis.
    • The goal was to create a factory like engine swap.
  • Owned this car since new, so I have and know the fully history of this car.
    • Meticulously maintained by me to have a safe and reliable track car.
  • It is an excellent candidate as a track car again with seats and suspension upgrades.
  • Salvage Title on 12/13/2013 due to the second accident below.
  • 2 accident history should show up on CarFax
    • First accident was on Highway 405 where I was lightly bumped in traffic. Only bumper cover had superficial damage like bumper rash. I took the opportunity to pay the difference to upgrade to the M-Tech II rear bumper.
    • Second accident was on Highway 101/92 where the car was subjected to what was essentially sandblasting by small rocks from freeway repaving road construction. The insurance company valued the car as a standard 330Ci, so the value of the car was low. To paint the front end of the car was deemed by the insurance as a total loss. It was unfortunate, but nothing I could do at the time. This sparked the slow conversion of this car into a track day prepped car.
    • I’d be happy to provide the car to a local San Francisco Bay Area shop for a PPI at the buyer’s expense to confirm the car is in excellent mechanical condition.
  • Front end still has rock chip damage from the second accident.
  • Hood has a few dents from hitting a cone at a track event.
  • Radio wiring harness has been removed from the car.
  • Airbag light is on because the airbag module is not happy with the convertible seats in the car. I can pull the INPA codes at the buyer’s request.
    • Airbag light will go away with the installation of aftermarket race seats.
    • Convertible seats have been installed for the car to still be driven with the roll bar. ST3 roll bar is welded tightly against the B-pillar making the stock seat belts not useable.
I have my own maintenance records of the car because I perform the maintenance myself most of the time. Detailed maintenance history can be provided at buyer’s request.

Additional photos can be provided at the buyer’s request.

Price: $15,000. Willing to ship at the buyer’s expense. Test drives will only be granted for buyers with proof of funds.