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  1. 2002 BMW 325ci
  2. WBABN33462JW52139
  3. 217,921 miles
  4. Options & Packages: Slicktop, 5 speed, power front sport seats, aux in
  5. Owned 1 year 3 months
  6. Have maintenance records back to 60K
  7. Car located in Charlottesville, VA
  8. Not willing to ship
  9. $4500

The good:
• Slicktop
• RACP/subframe repaired and reinforced with Redish plates below and Vincebar copycat up top
• Only rust on the body is at the very front of the hood where someone backed into it. Legit cleanest undercarriage on an E46 I've ever seen.
• Beisan Systems VANOS seals
• Repaired and functional DISA valve
• All new rear suspension bushings including spherical RTABs
• Poly subframe mounts
• Tires with 4K on them
• 1 year old battery
• All new Nissens radiator and OE water pump + cooling hoses
• Poly FCABs
• New Bosch remanufactured ZF steering rack
• New OE front control arms
• 3 brake calipers re-sealed, 1 replaced with a new ATE caliper
• New stainless flexible brake lines
• Bunch of other new parts, have a spreadsheet that I'm happy to share on request
• Has OE Aux-In kit
• AC blows cold
• OE LED tail conversion, no cheapo aftermarket deal here
• Comes with an extra set of Hawk HT-10 front brake pads
• Comes with an extra set of engine mounts
• Everything works, no lights on dash, runs & drives well
• Have receipts and service records back to 60K

The bad:
• You've seen the pictures, clearcoat failure is very real on this color for whatever reason
• Spare wheel is present, but bent and has no tire
• Front seats have seen better days but are still supportive and comfortable

The medium:
• Fog lights are gone, they were in rough shape when I got the car so I elected to remove them rather than have them fall out. Wiring is ziptied behind the bumper if someone wanted to add them back
• H&R coilovers on the car are a little stiff for my taste
• Interior is in OK shape. If you're shopping E46s, you're probably aware that some of the plastics didn't age the best.

The story:

I purchased this car June 2020 with the intent to have as a car I could take to the track. As such I made sure to go through and bulletproof everything I could. This means all new suspension everywhere (except coilovers will cover in a sec*), cooling system overhaul, full tune-up, new tires, new brakes, new brake lines, reinforced the weak points on the chassis, the whole nine yards. You don't want to have an issue that will jeopardize track time, so if it was in doubt, I replaced it.

*Coilovers and Turner camber plates on the car were purchased used. I was told they had low mileage but with the way they ride, I'm not 100% sure that's true. If I were to keep the car, personally I'd swap them out, but they're not garbage. Camber plates are tight.

The car saw 3 days at VIR, 2 days at Road Atlanta, and performed well.

Fast forward and I've changed my automotive game plan a bit, so I'm selling this car. I understand you don't get back the money you put into a car, but I do want to stress all of the new parts here. I really do think this thing is ready for many reliable miles, as that was the whole idea behind the "build". Wouldn't hesitate to drive this thing anywhere.

Honestly I see this car working well as a learner car, whether it's a new driver, or someone that wants to learn how to drive on a track. Could also serve well as an already reinforced, rust-free, slicktop chassis for a more aggressive track build than what I had going on.

Any questions, additional info, or pictures needed, just ask!


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