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My little round OEM foglight on the driver's side is missing the bulb socket and wiring on my recently purchased used '04 325i (no wonder the light wasn't working!).
I was wondering:
1. What color wires are supposed to go to it (I assume they are in the harness above the headlight somewhere). [Edit: yellow/brwn, both sides]

2. Is it worthwhile to replace the cracked housing unit, or should I go with after-market? [Edit: Found out BOTH lights had holes, I replaced one, then put high-temp silicon caulk and black duct tape over the hole in the black housing unit on the other, so at least it is now semi-sealed and working] Can't figure out how both the housings got cracked, since the lights seem well protected by the surrounding fenders.

3. What after-market light best fits the little round holes of the non-M '04's? Are they regular or projectors? Aimable? What do they attach to, mounting-wise? Are the housings fairly strudy?

4. What is the highest wattage bulb can I safely use with the stock wiring harness? Which bulb puts out the most lumens for that wattage?
[edit-installed some 80W 5000k blue-ish H11 bulbs and they seem to put out a lot of light, although it seems a bit scattered. I haven't used them enough to see if the wires melt, or how the broad light beam is in the fog]

Some advice? Links?
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