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i was on my way to the city rhis morning and a nice fellow pointed out i had a flat tire on the passenger side back tire.

i stopped and i saw it was definitly flat lol.

i dont know how or when.

i went to have it fixed and he told me cause the hole was on the side of where the angle of the tire is that it cannot be fixed and i need to buy a new one.
for the moment i put on my spare and i didnt eve know that it came with the saem rims i have on my tires cool

he told me that a new one will cost me $110. for pirelli p6 (factory)

first of all:
is that the correct ones on the factory wheels of a 325ci 2003?
is that a good deal?

i wanted to know do i have to worry about that the new one wont e as treaded as the other ones my car isonly 7 months old, should i put two new ones on the back or on a car this new it dont really make a diffrence
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