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I've searched, believe me, and found really nothing much fitting this for sedans! :)

I went to my body/paint shop today who actually had a 2002 M3 that had a rear fender bender and we took all kinds of hood/front fender measurements and boiled down to this..

- M3 hood is just longer in length from windshield to kidney grill. Nothing much to do here that I know of
- There is about a 2-3mm "play" with the stock fenders to get the gap looking ok, but possibly not perfect
- The distance in that little area behind the front tire to the front door is longer on an M3 than sedan..Only way to make an M3 front fender fit would be to cut the back 2-3" off??

So..with all this being said, is there anyone that has fit an M3 on a sedan? Is it just plain impossible or is there a way, esp with the overhang length on the M3 hood itself?
I've seen plenty of posts with M3 hoods retrofitted on coupes..

TIA! :)
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