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I looked quickly, but did not see anyone else who had gone and looked at the X3-
I took my ride in for rough idle yesterday to the new BMW Toronto location- and they were preparing for the launch of the dealership's new building, and the X3-

They had lots of cool cars there- but the main attraction was on the main floor- A Z8, New 545 and an X3. Now I've been in the Z8 before, and the new 5, many here have seen- so I thought I'd share my impressions of the X3 with you folks.

Size- This thing is not much smaller than the X5- I was surprised by its sixe- I was thinking more Honda CR-V size- but it is really closer to the X5- Apparently the interior room is the same as the X5

Poise- Nice and agressive looking- Large, chunky kidney grills, Bi-Xenon headlights, ahd the daytime running lights are about the same size as the Xenon lenses (unlike my current 325- where the Xenon is a small lens, and the DRL's are the orig. halogen size) So the front end of the X3 looks really nice.

From the rear, I am happy to report clear lenses all 'round. No more ugly orange here- They are not LED though- but come supplied with what look to be silvervision bulbs- Nice looking.

Interior- The model I saw was a sand beige interior (leather) with what looked to be a carbon-black like exterior colour. The rear luggage space is a nice size- the back door has the same "hidden" release as our 3 series trunks- There are integrated bike rails in the floor, and child seat anchors on the back of all the seats. Great head room in the back seat.

Drivers Seat- All I can say about the new dash... WOW! Super clean looking, and not as plasticky as the new 5 looks. Gauges are super clean with chrome rings- But only on the beveled part of the ring- Needles are clean looking- really impressive dash layout. The auto shift console is raised to a nice level, so you feel "cozy" in the drivers seat, without being cramped. The seats feel nice- for the 5 minutes I was in it- like I can really know!
Generally- VERY impressed with the interior.

Price- I don't know why, but I was expecting them to be cheaper- but after having seen it- I am pretty impressed- so the $49,000 that was being asked (Now before you have a heart attack- that is Canadian Dollars!) for the 3.0 that I saw was pretty reasonable. The smaller one should be around $42 the salesman was saying.

Conclusion- I am now going to let my wife know that her Mitsubishi Outlander's days are numbered! This is on my short list of cars to get this year!

Please don't bother posting "This thread is worthless without pics" there are plenty on- line! and I did not ahve my camera at the dealership!- Here's one just for fun though....

C-Ya - J

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