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xi owners,

after a month of debating, i bought the dinan stage 2 performance software along with the cold air intake. i paid $750 for parts and labor from my dealer. yes, i don't know why it was so cheap either. accounting error maybe...

anyway, onto the review after a day of mixed driving. the throttle response is much better now. the rpms seems to rev more freely now. i would rate it a 2-2 1/2 of out 5 (5 being the greatest diff in feel, speed, and response after the upgrade). even did a little test. before the upgrades, i tried driving up a semi steeo hill going 15mph while in 3rd gear. as expected the car didn't drive well and needed to be downshifted into 1st or 2nd gear. i did the same road test after the upgrade and the car now doesn't need to be downshifted from 3rd gear. there's enough power to make it up the hill.

a friend ask me to describe the difference in feel and sound. there's really no diff in sound but the car feel faster. how faster and what sort of diff? well, i can describe a situation. i own an '02 325xi with manual trans. a friend owns a '02 325i with manual trans. the main difference between both cars other than the awd is the i weighs 300-400lbs less than the xi. before getting the dinan upgrades, i let my friend drive my and i drove his. then we need thye same thing after the upgrades. before the upgrades, i notices that his car felt faster and didn't have a certain "lag" that my car had (prob due to the added weight of the awd system) and the xi's throttle felt less responsive. after the upgrades, i no longer feel that "lag" on the xi. my car actually moves and feels faster than his car now.

in summary, if you're an xi owner and are thinking about doing a performance mod/upgrade, drive your same engine model but in a i. the difference between between your stock xi and the i will be "around/about" the diff. in feel and response if you upgrade. hence, the dinan software and cai makes the xi drive/feel more like the i and makes up for the extra weight fue to teh awd system.
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