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Ok, so a week ago my Climate Control IHKA goes dead; no lights, no power, nothing. Fuse 28 was blown so I replaced it, then it blew again, replaced it, blew again, etc etc etc.

I did some research and figured out that it is either a faulty climate control unit or a bad Final Stage Resister FSR. I took the easy way and replaced the Climate Control Unit (for about 50 bucks on ebay) and for 2 days everything was great, no blown fuses, A/C was doing fine...until today when the weather curiously was alittle hotter than the past few days (maybe that had something to do with it?). Checked the fuses and fuse 28 was blown again.

So now I am trying to figure out if I have a bad FSR. I successfully removed the FSR (very difficult task along with extremely small area to work with, Thnaks for the DIY's though). But I still do not know if my FSR is blown? How do I find out?

I disconnected the FSR, turned on the car, and the A/C; obviously the A/C would not blow air, but the Climate Control Unit did not blow a fuse 28! So I cut the car off, plugged in the FSR again, turned on the car and the A/C and everything was working fine. However, the FSR was getting very hot! Is this a sign that my FSR has gone bad? Or should I give up and take it to the dealership for God knows how much money to fix my A/C problem??

Thanks in advance.
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