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Falling from 14k ft.
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I'm considering selling my sim racing rig as I barely get any time to race. The rig has been used for less than 20 hours as it sits now, with the seat seeing more time with a previous wheel, maybe 50 hrs total.

The rig has:

rSeat Evo 3 cockpit ($699)
Fanatac ClubSport wheel base ($499)
Fanatac ClubSport v2 pedals ($249)
Fanatec ClubSport BMW M3 GT2 wheel ($249)
Fanatac ClubSport F1 Black wheel ($179)
Derek Speare Design Bent Shaft Pro Sequential shifter ($179)

Total paid: $2055 plus shipping

Obviously with that price tag this set up is not for the faint at heart amateur sim racer playing Need for Speed or some other no-real-physics game. This rig is the top of the line in the "mid" price range, note the quotations. To jump up to the next level you would be adding thousands of dollars to that total. This set up would be for someone who's been using a Thrustmaster T500 for some time and is ready to step up their game to the next level.

I'm located in Charlotte, NC and would only be interested in selling local. I have all the Fanatec boxes and dust bags as well. Money talks so if anyone is interested make an offer. For the right price I may be inclined to make a deal. Please don't waste our time with low ball offers.


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holy that has to be the sickest rig ive seen! :thumbsup:
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