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Feeler: Anyone in the Bay Area want to trade their 18" BBS RCs for my 19" PG2s?

As stated, this is a FEELER. I want to see if anyone has a set to swap in the area. I have a set of 19" PG2s that I am looking to trade for a set of 18" BBS RCs. The reason why I am swapping is that I am looking for a smaller, lighter wheel.

Since this is a swap, this has to be the Bay Area, CA. I am in the Mtn View/Cupertino Area.

Here are some old pics:



Currently, 2 of the rims have some minor curb rash that will cost about $25-$50 per wheel to refinish, depending where you go, and I think one of the tires needs to be replaced. The remaining 3 look to have pretty good thread left. All tires are Nitto NT555 235-35-19.

I am looking for a set of 18" BBS RCs in good shape + cash. Please PM me with all reasonable offers. Obviously, if you're in the area, you are welcome to check out my set first before swapping.

Thanks everyone.

Again, please use PM to contact me.
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