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selling my spacers 12mm and 15mm first i bought 15mm spacers they were to big made me rub like crazy then i bought 10/12mm spacers 12 was still a bit to big so im on the 10mm's. the 15mm are practically brand new i bought them brand new a few days ago for 120 they are TMS i drove it around the block then took them off because they were to big they come with extended lugs. really good quality spacers. then i bought 12mm spacers also a big to big they were used ill let go for 90 with extended lugs. they are in pretty good condition. if you guys want pics i can post them up tomorrow as i am busy today.

15mm w/ extended lugs TMS for 110
12mm w/ extended lugs RE for 90

these are pick up prices in SOCAL. for shipping i am going to charge shipping plus paypal fees.

if no bites on these spacers i might just keep them and get new tires and stretch them to make my car HELLA FLUSH
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