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Here is the deal these headlights are direct plug and play for Sedan. They will put up bulb out errors while off unless you flash your ECU or have resistors I believe. I do not know because my mechanic did the flash for me. But recall him saying it sent the error.

These were bought off ebay but as you can see they do not have the r1ce look, they have the OEM look. The HID bulbs are 6000k and both work fine, Highbeams work fine. The lens are still clean and the lights have only been on the car for 1 year with not too much night time driving.

The bad is the Angel eyes suck so if thats what your looking for probably not for you, and I believe they are molded on so you cannot just change them without some extra work. They are visible only in darker settings. Kinda has a cool feature that the whole headlight housing blinks with the turn signals (not the actually HID and highbeam though.) I recommend replacing top black trim with oem kind if you plan on going in the headlight and messing with anything.

Any questions just message me and I will be glad to ask. The price is slightly negotiable.



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