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Whats up guys im putting up for sale my two sets of rims or if anyone would like to trade

1st set BBS LM Replicas
Rims come with tires but 3 tires will need to be replaced
1.rim has a bend on the lip
rim 2. two small cracks on the inner wheel
rims 3. small bends around the lip nothing bad
rim 4. perfect

all rims have a little curb rash rim size is 18x8 all around color of the face is silver

2nd set Style 45 rims 16'inch with tires
rim 1 good
rim 2 good
rim 3 good
rim 4 good
all comes with tires but one tire goes flat every two days \

honestly i would like to trade both of these sets for one set of CSL VMR's or any other rim im not to picky but have to be 18 or 19 tires not neccesary but we can work something out if so

uploading pics in the next post of both bbs lms and style 45
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