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f*cked my car up yesterday

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the car in front of me started to pull onto the highway because the lane was clear, and then she slammed on her brakes, so i went right into the back of her.:banghead: :ben: :cry:


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so is that going to be ur falult? that suxs man
boilermaker81 said:
so is that going to be ur falult? that suxs man
Most states have a rear-end zero tolerance law meaning the person who hits the car from behind is always responsible. I don't agree with the law but I know it exists in many states.

The damage doesn't seem that bad? :dunno:

Yippee.. 300 posts:thumbup::lmao:
yeah, no matter what if they were in front of you and you hit it's your fault, excepting things like an idiot turning in front of you or backing out of a driveway into your way...

ANyway, that's not too horrible dollar-wise for damage. New hood, bumper, and that radiator cross piece (which is cheap) and that's all, I think. Got lucky, some front hits end up much, much worse.

But yeah, since you'll end up with a new bumper might as well get something different... same with the hood.
ouch bro

Did the same thing to my car man i know how you feel:sad:

Anyway getting a cf fiber is a good idea :D

Just an example


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CF would be hard
:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: *******s.. go fix dat bad boy quick....:banghead:
sorry bro, get the CF hood now
how safe is cf hood? does cf has crumple zone?
i would def get a CF hood and like a tornado bumper or something like that. i like your rims, i think they are pretty hot, got any side pics (from before your accident) showing the whole car? if you do post them up, i wanna see those bad boys..lol
Yeah, DISCOBOY has the M3 hood on the his ride. Contact him about the details. It'll be sweeet. By the way sorry about the accident. That kind of crap sucks. Good luck with the new Hood and like potpie said those are some really nice rims. :thumbup:

BGReddy00 said:
call pacific.... www.renn-sport.net samir might be able to get it, but i think its around 2500....somebody on here is has done it if I remember, but it also takes some work at the body shop cause its not an exact fit...
Yikes! And the worst part is that your insurance company will automatically find you at fault because you rear ended her. Sucks!

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