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Extended Warranty from other than BMW ?

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Hello, since my butt was just saved by extended warranty on my other car, I was wondering if any of you have bought extended warranties from any companies besides BMW? I did find a thread about 5/6yr/100k mi for around $2100 or so...

I remember hearing from a few sources that buying extended warranties from outside the manufacturer will be cheaper. Just gotta make sure the company ain't outta business in the next 6-8 years. :p
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Had extended warranty on a Land Rover that was not from the manufacturer, but the dealer had an in with them, so most problems were covered OK... Problem is, like any form of insurance, you have to prove that the problem was not your fault, and they usually exclude alot of things... Key is to read the fine print... interestingly, AAA offers extended warranties, which are valid at any AAA rated repair facility, if I remembe correctly... might be worth checking into (if you are a AAA member)
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