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The installation of aftermarket cooling system parts is strictly verboten. Go to www.realoem.com and enter the last 7 characters of your car’s vehicle identification number. Hit enter and bookmark the page. Cooling system parts are located in the engine and radiator sections. Get the part numbers and head over to FCPEuro. Enter each part number and you’ll see a list of parts:
1. BMW labeled. ($$$$)
2. original equipment (OE) ($$$)
3. original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ($$)
4. aftermarket ($)

1. These are the same parts you buy at the dealer.
2. These parts were made by the supplier of these parts to BMW.
3. These parts were made by a supplier of parts to BMW, but does not supply these parts
4. Made who knows where.

I highly recommend that you buy parts made by the respective suppliers to BMW. That way you’re getting BMW quality at a reduced prices.
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