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First... I have no idea what forum this thread belongs in, so I'll just put it here and you guys can move it around.

Friend of mine went to Exclusive Motoring to have some stuff installed on his fiances's car... a 330Cic. Well... I'm not going to rewrite his entire post... you can <a href="http://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=77561">Read it all here if you want</a>, but basically, they were supposed to install 4 rotors on the car.

Well, they installed four rotors, but they forgot to tigthen the bolts on one of the rear rotors on the car... I got a call that night saying that the car was making some weird noise. I got to the house, looked over the car... took it for a spin around the block to find out, the rear caliper is being held on by one bolt... apparently the other one had fallen out.

Car had to be flatbedded to the shop to find out the other screw that was holding the caliper on was very lose and could be removed by the mechanics fingers. They wanted her to drive the car back with the caliper hanging off the rotor. :yikes:

Long story short... the shop only refunded the money for the rotor installation and refused to fix the wheel (the caliper was banging around in the wheel and messed up the rim pretty bad).

Don't go there, tell your friends not to go there... If they don't take the time to double check there work, you could be driving home and have a caliper fly off. :thumbdwn:
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