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My daughter has a 2003 330ci. Engine idle is rough and power is lacking.

I keep getting different error codes from one time to the next.

Got egr malfuntion code. I took the valve off and cleaned it. That code has not shown up in a few days.

She took it to parts store. They used their reader and sold her intake side camshaft positioning sensor. I replaced it. Problem not fixed. While replacing this found huge hole in vent hose that came off oil separator. When I plugged hole with my finger RPM's changed and it smoothed out a bit. I rigged up a piece of hose to replace it until parts can arrive.

Now code showing up most frequently is P0187 fuel temp sensor error.

Does this mean I need to replace the sending unit at the tank? Are there other issues that will cause this code?

Any body have any suggestions?
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