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This information was scattered around in different threads, so I decided to gather it all together here. The following is only for MS42, MS43, MS45.1 DME families.

Wiring Diagrams
MS42: BMW WDS Online
MS43: BMW WDS Online
MS45.1: BMW WDS Online

The circuits behind each fuse in the 5 pack vary a little depending on the DME family. Look up yours from the links above.
  1. F1 (30A)
    • ignition coils
  2. F2 (30A)
    • engine control module (DME)
    • intake VANOS solenoid
    • exhaust VANOS solenoid
    • DISA
    • fuel tank vent valve
    • secondary air vacuum valve
    • idle control valve (ICV)
  3. F3 (20A)
    • fuel pump relay
    • mass airflow (MAF) sensor
    • crankshaft position sensor
    • intake camshaft position sensor
    • exhaust camshaft position sensor
    • secondary air pump (SAP) relay
    • evap leak diagnosis pump
    • electronic box fan
    • AC compressor clutch relay
    • exhaust flap valve
    • environmental air catalyst sensor (SULEV only)
  4. F4 (30A)
    • transmission control unit (EGS)
    • pre-cat O2 sensor heaters
    • post-cat O2 sensor heaters
    • SMG control unit
  5. F5 (30A)
    • fuel injectors relay
    • unloader relay
Inside the e-box (electronics box) located in the left rear of engine bay near the firewall.

How to Open
Push on the lock (top side of your picture) then pull up to release the lock on the bottom side of your picture. Be careful as the fuses can fall out after the block is removed.
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