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EML light

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BMW 2006 325Ci M Sport ab 160k miles
So i've never had any lights come on my bimmer,
here's the story
please don't call me stupid...
10:12 pm, i fill up my car while it's running, 15 bucks , notnjng crazy.
I close the cap and go drive, i turn on a main highway and having a bmw i have the instinct. Floor it. 10:20 pm and then 2 seconds later boom EML light, acceleration is gone, car feels weird. I pull over and break my car is like jerking, i get out the exhaust sounds like a rotary, wum
wum wum wum. My EML light is on keep in mind. I turn the car off for a little check under , then i turn it back on EML is off, and car is running fine. Do you guys think this happened due to loss of pressure in the gas tank. (I have never filled the car up while it's running). This has never happened before this. The car ran fine all the way home. Does anybody have any idea ?
I floored it and it went on, after i filled up with the car running
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Agree. The fuel had nothing to do with it.

Might never happen again. Wait and see.
The pedal assembly uses two potentiometers. One with increasing and the second with declining values. It's a safety thing.
There have been many service bulletins over the years about issues that happened when filling the car with fuel and not shutting off (EVAP, purge valve etc.) and they've been dealt with at the engineering and dealer level long before your car was produced.

Now early E34/36..... We had such issues.

Again the EML system is that of the pedal/throttle plate.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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