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Hello All,

Starting this thread for help because I searched by this topic, but didn't find anything that seems to match my circumstances exactly.

2001 325Xi Steptronic trans (GM I think) 160k on the car. It has the warning light on the dash that corresponds in the owner's manual to Electronic Transmission Control Module. The manual describes getting it to reset just by shutting off and restarting the car, that's not working - the light is staying on. But the funny thing is that the trans seems to be acting normally - it's not in limp mode. I'm also able to put it in the Manual mode and shift it through all the gears.

Anyone run into this before? The car is overdue for a fluid change, think that would take care of it? If I have to change that module, is it true that I have to take it to the dealer for programming to match my VIN? Some have said so, others say as long as you get the exact matching P/N it will work.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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