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i was driving home from work last night.. the roads in orange county are pretty bad. i went over a pothole i've never seen before, and it seems like my electrical system jarred. i got a dsc disabled indicator light go on and the lights on my dash flickered and my stereo shut off.

so i pull over and try pushing the engine a bit, the car shut off and i pulled over. the car was completely dead. i couldnt even restart the car. but i gave the car a few minutes and started it. what could it be?

i had my car in the shop to fix my sunshade a month ago, and my driver side heated seat stopped working, so i have to take it back, but could there be something wrong with my ecu? is there a misfire? do i need to replace spark plugs or something? no clue whats going on. all i know is its jeopordizing my cars driveability.

if anybody has experienced this, or knows how to cure the issue.. please post! thanks

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