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Electric Water Heater current drain

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Absolutely incredible ... Electric Water Heater working all the time very good but consumes electricity from the battery when the car is turned off. If I don't drive the car two or three days all the power from the battery are empty?! Battery is new and I take my bmw to Electric handyman for cars and he detect that when Electric Water Heater is plug off car don't consume the power from the battery?!
Does anyone now how to resolve my problem (changing the whole part is too expensive)? Can I change the wires from Electric Water Heater?

part number on module: 64126918806
realoem.com shows 64129145439 (supercedes 64126918806)


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Could you clarify what an "electric water heater" is? I have been involved with cars for 50 years and NEVER heard of such a feature on an automobile with an internal combustion engine.
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