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As official UK distributors for the excelllent custom - bespoke , German made Eisenmann exhaust range , we would like to extend a group buy offer to all members ,

Details and conditions as follows :

- Offer open to members from all parts of UK , Europe , Middle East and any other countries NOT ALREADY SUPPLIED by Eisenhaus USA or other established exclusive importer . Check with us if not sure
- offer open until 8 th december
- offer applies to the entire Eisenmann range , any product , any make ( not just BMW) any specification and sound level
- 6 orders or more in total required , no upper limit
-the above conditions being met , we will be pleased to offer you all a 20 % discount off the retail prices printed on our website www.eisenmann.co.uk .( yes , you read it right , 20% discount )
-Please note the discount does not extend to the shipping charges , which average at between £30 to £40 to any location in central europe and UK .
-To apply please pm me or reply to this post with your details and requirements . WE WILL REPLY WITH YOUR TOTAL COST INC SHIPPING BEFORE TAKING YOUR PAYMENT
-once we have 6 or more applicants we will require payment from each applicant by visa , paypal or wire transfer within 5 working days of your reply .
-Once all payments are received we will place the order ; delivery will be acheived within 2- 3 weeks , public holidays not withstanding .

Likewise , please let us know if there are any other of our products that you would like to see offered on the above group buy basis , but please note the discount rate may be less than 20 % on other products .

good luck to all !
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