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Until 1/2/12 our ECS N54 Blow Off Valve Kit is on sale and shipping FREE!!!!

Converting your stock diverter valves to the ECS blow off valve helps your engine hold a more constant boost level while preventing unwanted pressure bleed off. This helps maintains better power throughout the RPM range and smoother power all across the RPM band. A BOV system will also aid in the longevity of your turbos by releasing the unwanted boost pressure during de-acceleration and in between shifts by releasing the pressure faster, keeping it from feeding back through the turbo causing damage. Not only does this kit look good, it also has the ever popular "woooosh" sound.

This kit includes everything you need to complete the install:
  • Atmospheric vent blow off valve
  • Black anodized intake tube with machined flange
  • Black silicone hose coupler
  • Block of caps for stock diverter valve recirculation
  • Clamps and misc. hardware

Click HERE to order today!

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