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Hey everyone,

I finnaly took delivery of my car. It is a 2004 325I. I just picked up my Eclipse Nav uniturther investigation shows that there is a cover held in place with little silver clips. Undernethe the cover is the air conditioning evaporator.

I now plan to cut :banghead: the duct work around the AC evaporator and build sor of a new shroud with a step in it to allow the chassis of the radio to fit in.

Anyone been down this road before? so far I have talked to a lot of people and the easy way out is a regular DIN unit with a motorized screen. The issue is this Eclipse peice is so awsome. It is a full size screen with touch screen control. I have it in my 2004 GMC Denali also and there is nothing else I woould rather have.

Ideas anyone??? :hi:
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