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Anyone have this or have any news on this DVD player..

the Spec.

Feature :
ESN E8 6.5" Wide TFT Display DVD Multi-Source Tuner with MP3/5.1ch Decoder
High 8-volt preamplifier output with low 55-ohm impedance
Shock-resistant oil dampened mechanism and memory
STARTUNER V tuner section
Premium TFT active matrix LCD with 336, 960 pixels
Horizontally shaped cold cathode tube
Power operated display
Accommodates normal to wide 16:9 aspect ratios
Integrated DSP Sound Processor with 5-mode Soundfield Control
Position selector allows selecting from a number of preset settings
9-band 6-mode equalizer section
Two sets of gold-plated RCA terminals for AV inputs/outputs
Select desired screen color from blue, white or red
Joystick controller
Wireless Remote Controller
ECLIPSE Commander-ready
Electronic Security Network ESN) protected
E-LAN date link system compatible
Telephone mute

554 Posts
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anyone have this...?

anyone have any reviews for it.. ??

anyone have pics installin the bimmer.???

want to get this.. then the Kenwood.. any help would be great guys..
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