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I bought a leather handbrake, handbrake boot, and armrest which I want to install in place of the leatherette items, but I have a few questions.
I did a search and found some information that is helpful on what to do.

I wanted to buy just the leather handle but was told by Pacific BMW that it was only sold installed with the whole handbrake arm. The arm has the handbrake installed so I would have to replaced the whole assembly to get just the leather grip. Is this true? It looks like the leather grip can come off with some heat and WD40. The leather appears glued to some rubber which is then glued to the handbrake lever.
Is the leather handbrake grip sold by itself, firstly? And, if not, is the brake assembly hard to change? It doesn't look too difficult.

I bought just the leather armrest and not the whole assembly. However, from looking at the armrest, it appears I have to remove quite a bit of the whole assembly anyway just to replace the armrest. The whole assembly wasn't that much more more. In fact almost the whole cost of the assembly is the armrest.

Thanks for any help you people can give.

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