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So this is a BMW M3 2008 Convertible for sale
BMW M3 Hard Top convertible For Sale
Asking Price is 34000 CAD$ which means about 26500 US$

This is a complet youtube tour video :
The engine sounds healthy
6 Speed transmission feel very sweet
Very good condition, does not need any maintenance
4 brakes and pads recently changed
4 tires are in good condition

The car is located in Montreal Qc Canada
The deal is that the buyer is the one who takes care of shipping and/or picking up. But we'll also provide support from Our side if you need anything :).

As you can read in the Carproof for this car, it used at one point to be licensed in USA which means there should be no problem getting it back over-there, but if you want to make sure you can check out this link : ( Coming Soon : )

Also As stated in the Carproof this car has one claim (on the front passenger side finder) which seems to have been well taking care.

Carproof :

So thats it let me know if you are interest or if you have any Question :)
Phone Number 438 870 0087 ----- Ideally Use WatsApp_a_


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