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Hi guys

I have an E90 318D 60 reg exclusive edition and was very happy until I started having a problem with the boot lid.

I couldn't get my boot open since yesterday. The idrive keeps giving me "boot lid open", but strangely I can't get the boot opened! I tried holding the remote buttons down for a prolonged period but nothing happened. The boot won't open manually. I thought that I could reset the locking from the idrive but that didn't work too.

So, I took it to Stephen James BMW, Bromley who kindly got my brief case out of the boot by dropping the seats, not sure how they did this because I couldn't see any buttons like my previous 330ci.

Nevertheless the technician said it's probably the actuator which is faulty and that I needed to book the car in for a diagnosis. This car does not have a valet button in the glove box and the technician said it did not have key hole on the boot.

I just wandered whether anyone else had a similar problem and any ideas about how I can sort this out?
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