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The M5 Ring Taxi was on my bucket list so this comes as a huge blow. I'm hope that this is just temporary while BMW officially phases out the E60 M5 in preparation for the F10 M5 (read: First F10 M5 test drive). In the mean time Nürburgring visitors can get flung around the 'ring in a E90 M3 according to rumors. But why-o-why isn't Sabine driving?!
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The Nürburgring BMW 'Ring Taxi' is now a thing of the past. The Ring Taxi will not be running this year at the Nürburgring, according to an email from OK Speed Marketing, which owns the 'Ring Taxi' name. The offers relating to taxi rides were already removed from the official website by the Nürburgring management. OK Speed Marketing will continue to run their taxi laps in the VLN practice on Friday afternoons throughout summer.

But their prices of €349 per customer indicate that there is no more funding from manufacturers to make more customers afford it. The Ring Taxi is a legacy that would be sorely missed, especially by fans of BMW, Sabine and the Nurburgring.

The cost of €189 per car load (up to 3 people) is just too tempting to ignore. Being driven around by a celebrity driver on a brand-new BMW M5 around the Nordschleife has to cost more than the post-tax €158.82 cover price, right? So far, there have been no reports on whether there is anything that will replace it. It can be recalled that Nurburgring has attempted to run its own taxi service, with Andy Gülden driving crappy vehicles from a Passat B36 to the Aston N24. Update: The latest reports indicate that the car will be replaced by an M3 and that Sabine Schmitz will no longer be the driver this year!

Source http://www.4wheelsnews.com/bmw-m5-ring-taxi-replaced-with-a-m3-sedan-sabine-schmitz-also-replaced/

Read more news about the soon to be release BMW M5 that will hopefully be the next Ring Taxi M


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