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Copied this from another forum; figured it might interest some (though the part numbers weren't provided, unfortunately):

"I found only one dealership parts department in the Dallas area (Classic) that was willing to look-up ALL the current dash trim options that will fit the E46 coupe. This includeds trim options that are more common on european BMW's:
-Light maple wood. Very pale, light in value & clean "Modern" look.
-Walnut: Dark, fake "formica" looking but it's real walnut.
-Mertyle: The common US wood trim. Looks pretty good (like wood, not plastic.)
-Titanium: This is painted plastic (same paint as the Titanium exterior color.) Looks honest, like painted trim!
-Aluminum: Still an option. Real metal veneer !!!
-Gold trim: Painted plastic. Looks like something Mary Kay Ash would like.
-M3 dash trims: same two trim colores as seen on most new M3's (dark gray & silver semi-gloss finish.) Both painted plastic.
I went with Titanium : easy care (prints and smudges), very scratch-resistant and not too reflective in bright sunlight (costing app. $550 from the dealer for 7 trim pieces plus install.)
-I have heard that the aluminum trim has a bit of a glare problem BUT I have not seen it in daylight.
PS: The steering wheel trim piece is comes in several of the colors (Titanium, Aluminum and tyhe two M3 colors.)"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts