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E46 Touring Roof Rail Delete Plugs

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I'm almost done with this setup. Thoughts?

Installs in 5 minutes or less. Pop out the trim (carefully), starting at the back. Snap in the new clips and covers. Reinstall the trim.
Currently printed with ASA (UV stable ABS plastic) and installed straight off the printer - no painting or priming.
They aren't going to keep water out so you still need to reinstall the roof rail screws with appropriate sealant.

Installed on driver side

Kit consists of plugs for all 4 penetrations - 2 up front, one by C pillar, one at back.

Apologies for my lack of photography skills. Its remarkably hard to photograph since they blend so well.
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Just got done installing the kit. Best $30 spent on this car so far aesthetics wise. I spent more time cleaning the rails and underneath than on the install itself.
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Petg turns out to be the trick to getting these to print consistently. Its also super flexible which is letting me give the clip tabs a bit more overlap to ensure secure fixture.

Im working on small details now, the front and middle plugs are not "square" and are a bit over-flush on one side and I'm not happy with that.

A few more days of tweaking and I will be there. I will put them up on my website, and I'm going to ask $30 + postage for a set.

The PetG prototypes are on my car right now.
Petg is prime and paintable as well, if anyone desired an even more seamless look.

I also didn't realize this was an issue for our EU or Aus/Nz friends, as I thought only US Tourings came with the dumb roof rails... Not sure what the best way to handle that is, as shipping can be rough. Ideas?
give us the CAD files? or sell them to us. lots of people have a printer or know someone who does.
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give us the CAD files? or sell them to us. lots of people have a printer or know someone who does.
Assuming you have one? (printer)
Assuming you have one? (printer)
i have friends who have them and I'm considering getting one myself
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Interested in a set as well when selling

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I bought my set from Huggins Racing.
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Ordered mine, should be here Friday. Like everybody that ordered these, really wanted to delete rails just couldn't justify the price.
Thanks for coming up with this.
Received and installed!
Cleaning all the crud off and under the trim took the longest. Very happy with the result! Only issue now is the bee stinger antenna I have is a bit of an eye sore.
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