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E46 top not working exhausted all other options

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Hello, I’m so darn tired of this top not working and I’ve tried so many things to fix it and from what it seems like so has the previous owners before me. Right now what the top does is when I press the button it’s just a solid red light like it would do when the top is operating normally, but nothing happens. So far this is what I’ve done to see if the top would work: check the micro switch for the top storage, fix the broken wire in the trunk loom, replaced rear window regulators, checked the wires that often get pinched, fixed the latches that goes into the windshield, and checked fuses. So here is one thing that may be the issue but I’m not sure if it is and I’m unsure what’s causing it. For one the trunk lid latch, when using the key or the button in the driver foot well, will make a attempt to unlatch twice and make a loud clank noise two times before it stops and the trunk doesn’t open. This only happens when either using the button or the remote key. If I use the actual button on the trunk it opens without a issue. And sometimes those two buttons do work but the latch is stuck unlocked and won’t latch endless I press the button on the trunk. One time the top was about to work and started rolling down the windows for a second and then stopped again. And never done it sense. If anyone could give me any advice or ideas of what would be the issue please tell me so I can check and see. Thank you
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First thing I would advise is to install INPA and look at the CVM for error codes and what the status of various inputs are. For example, it will tell you the status of the boot lid, compartment micro, etc to narrow down if all is in order for the CVM to move the roof or not.
The only thing is that I don’t have a inpa cable or a computer to run the program for that, I have scanners made specifically for bmw, but haven’t gotten no codes for anything in the trunk, but I guess I should look into that weird trunk issue

A Windows XP laptop is even better.

To the OP: The roof will never work if any ONE window does not operate. Have you tried rolling down all the windows first?
Yeah I have, just replaced the rear driver side window sense it was really bad and it ended up turning into broken legos in there lol. After I fixed that the top moves a little and big emphasis on little. When the top is up it unlatches and the windows go down but it doesn’t move and the button looks as if it’s normally working fine. When the top is already down and I try to put it up the cover opens up and the top moves a few inches and then stops moving like as if the pump or motor is too weak to lift the top
When the roof stops moving, do you hear the pump still trying to pump or does it just stop?
I’ll haft to see again later today to make sure, but I’m pretty sure I heard it still going.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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