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E46 sedan mirror help

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are there any AFTERMARKET mirrors that FOLD or "break-away?"

(so that if they get hit, they don't completely break off?)
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you know, i was thinking that, but i would really like a perfect fit. i guess i will just go stock...i was thinking acs but if i get sideswiped again, they are sure to break off, and at a much higher cost!

thanks man
i am either going with OEM or ACS.

the OEM sedan mirrors fold in, so that would lessen my chances of the mirrior getting clipped.

also, if i was careless (which i'm not!) in a tight situation the mirrors would fold or "break away" in the event they were struck.

when i say side-swiped, i don't mean run-off-the-road, i just mean the mirrors taking a shot.

the ACS mirrors are nice, but since they don't have a folding option, i'd be a little skeptical. they are pretty pricey and i don't have a garage.

i have not and will not consider any knock-offs or wannabe mercedes blinking mirrors, just not my style.

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okay here are the choices

ACS mirrors

HAMANN mirrors

HAGUS mirrors

BREYTON mirrors (supposedly look exactly like HAMANN)

please post a pic of your vote
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does anyone need a mirror motor
lol good call chris
stock sedan
so much cheaper
like 300 with labor
lol..i know
well the insurance would have covered it, but i have a 1,000 deductible...
it wasn't my fault, i just came back to my car to find the mirror broken.
i guess i could have went through insurance, but it's too much hassle and geico has been really good to me so far. i don't wanna sh*t where i eat.

i'll drop off the ch's sometime tonight.
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