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So, I know this is a common problem, but I'm going to post mt experiences and some possibly new ideas.

I have this [very common] groaning problem on my 2000 323i sedan. I have had this problem since about 3 months ago, when the stealership replaced all my power steering hoses (and presumably fluid). I take it back to them and complain, but they said it is coincidence and my power steering pump is going bad and it's about $680 to have it replaced. Shizzle!

So, I decide to live with it. 2 months later, it has gotten worse, and now the power steering goes out on me when I try to park or turn sharply at slow speeds. I take it to a new machanic called Bavarian Motors in Phoenix. The mechanic is sympathetic to my not wanting to spend the $$$$$$ on a new pump. He suggests:

1st - a new. smaller power steering pulley. He says this will increase the rate at which the power steering pump spins, building more pressure in the system and eliminating the noise and lack of power steering. "I say, sounds great! Let's try it!" But, he can't find a part that will work, so... IF YOU KNOW OF A SMALLER PULLEY THAT WILL WORK, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

2nd idea- "Try thicker fluid." says my mechanic, "This will also build more pressure in the system, elimnate the noise and lack of power steering". Well, the problem is ATF is pretty thick and we're not sure what fluid is slightly thicker. ANY IDEAS ABOUT THIS?

What do you think? I think my mechanic is a smart cookie, in theory....

Help me find a pulley and/or some fluid please. Thanks in advance!
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