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E46 325i executive auto.

Just to start off I'm fairly sure I've got a bad front end wheel bearing. Makes a sort of grinding noise when driving that goes away when turning right (and only whilst turning right). :(
The issue i'm trying to diagnose is that the steering shudders when applying the brakes at decent speed. (100kmph/60mph) :evil:

The shuddering and the bearing failure started at about the same time, so it's a chicken and the egg sorta thing as to what caused what and what came first.

Now, my questions.

Can a failing wheel bearing cause the shuddering when braking? (i do think it's more likely that if the bearing was the culprit then it should shudder even when not braking).

How often are the disks supposed to be replaced? or what is there expected life?

Is there anything else that could be causing the shuddering? this means other than the disks being warped/worn or the wheel bearing failure.

one of the calipers may be missing a retaining clip, could this have caused significant issue in the braking system? it's been like that since I got it several years ago.

I'm looking at replacing the front bearings at the moment, possibly the disks, the pads whilst i'm in there and if my memory served me correctly and the retaining clip is missing I will be replacing them as well but i'd like to make sure that i'm covering the basis.

As it stands I'm only looking to get another 3 years service out of the e46 as a daily driver before I replace it with something different. I do like the car, I find it more appealing then the newer BMW's in terms of style and quality but I'm not looking to do more than necessary to both keep it on the road, keep it in the quality driving condition that it should be and maintain it so that I can take it off the road for more significant work after the three years are up. (at that time it'll be a decision of replacing it with an e46 m3 track car or rebuilding the engine to be retro fitting into something like an e30) :drama:

Thank you for reading and in advance for any input :thumbsup:
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