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Here’s a little background – smashed the front end right before xmas and I’ve been sourcing parts & funds since. The car has been started and pulled out of the garage a few times a week since the crash.

The other day when I went to start it to pull it back in it wouldn’t start and flashed N & Nd - lit up the cog light & SES. Figured one of the hood sensors or door or rear lid was not closed and checked all. Still a no go. Pulled the key and the N warning chime in and I went to select 1st and the shifter was locked into postion – WTF!!!!

Plugged in the autoenginuity and pulled the SMG codes:
  • 50 (Selector Angle Cannot be Regulated)
  • 53 (Hydraulic Pressure Loss in System)
  • 56 (On Period, Hydraulic Unit)
Cleared codes and rechecked and they remain. I can hear the pump when I turn the key on and it sounds normal.

I’ve done the obvious changed out the SMG relay with a new spare, checked the level and looked for leaks. Searched and read but been unable to locate any resolution. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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