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For Sale various parts all for E46 M3

Genuine BMW RTAB

Used for: 1k miles, street driven, no track/or abuse. These are Genuine BMW - not OE. They are like new and ready for anyone planning for refresh.

Price: $50 shipped OBO

KW 60mm ID Race Springs

Listing 1 pair of 60mm ID race springs both are in mint condition with roughly 5k street driven miles and handful of track days. West coast - never exposed to elements such as snow etc.

Pair 1 : 60mm ID - 628 lbs - 170mm length

Pair 2 : 60mm ID - 685 lbs - 220mm length SOLD

Price $100 shipped OBO

Turner Motorsport RTAB Limiter Kit

This kit was used for roughly 1k miles with new Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
Never tracked or abused. Opted to leave kit neatly installed (loctited) on RTAB Brackets for ease of PNP install next. This is THE only limiter kit to consider on the E46 M3. Others are simply not of Turner quality and pinch/deflect under stress. Removed only because went spherical here now

Price: Sold

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