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Hey guys. I just finished rebuilding my s54 as I spun a rod bearing. Put a new crank and con rod in with vac Motorsport rod bearings and also did vac Motorsport vanos exhaust hub grouped with the dr.vanos noice reduction spline gears. I did a valve adjustment and valve seals as well. All valve clearances are within spec and the car runs very smooth and nice although I’m pulling a few codes And the EML light comes on only while driving.

p0014 camshaft B position timing over advanced
P1637 throttle valve position control deviation
P0070 ambient air temperature sensor circuit

The car idles perfectly and feels great although it seems to deliver power from 3-5k rpm and cut out/ die off after 5k which is completely wrong for these engines.
I’m sure it must be out of timing but When I timed the engine I was so sure I perfected it I’m not sure what else I’d do if I went back in to adjust it again.
Debating taking it to a German mechanic but I’m not too familiar with any e46 m3 experts in my area and I’ve done all the work myself so would be inclined to learn how to make it run right.
Let my know if you have any ideas, cheers
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