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I am currently expericing mulitple issues with my 2002 E46 (Sedan).

The main issue is at times when I start my car my idle has become a bit rough. When I mean rough that it would idle up and down between 500-700 RPMs, sometimes this doesn't happen it would start up good and drive well.

Also during drives my car would all of sudden go for driving to smooth to driving roughly, when at stoplights and stop signs it would idle up and down again from 500-700 RPMs and at the time I would shut off my car and turn it back on and it woul solve the issue.

Also, when I back up the car it would completely shut off, I need to keep track if this issue happens when it starts up rough or it does it when it starts up smooth as well, so will post later when I get a more definitive answer.

I have been reading online and doing some research and read it could be the torque converter but before I go that route I would like to have some input and see what else it could be.

If it helps, I took it to a mechanic in November and they said they saw no issues and that mechanically it is fine. There is no Check Engjine Code for anything else but a replacement is needed for the Thermostat Housing.

And last, I wonder if there might be a short somewhere that is inline with the reason why my car windows would roll down on its own after I shut the car off and close the driver door, once I hear the windows go down I open the drivers door and it would stop and not do it again unless I turn the car on, open and close the driver door. This use to happen once in awhile and now I have been noticing that it is happening alot more frequently. So it might be a short somewhere where both are involve not sure.

I was originially going to let the car go but decided if I can get it fix as best I can, driving the car as a work car would help me save for my next bimmer in the future.

So, any assistance would greatly be appreciated.
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