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Hi BMW e46 has been in storage for 5 years and mice have chewed what looks like the earth cables.

wondering what's best to do? fix the cables as you see them or do I unbolt this mount and put whole new cable?

my question is if I undo the bolt will all the cables fall out? 🤔 bit of an amateur you see

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Nope- that's a big moulded, crimped 'buss bar'
that'll come off as an assembly.

If the copper underneath is ok, you can re- cover the wires
and it'll be all right, as they all have the same ground potential.
An accidental short circuit... well, it won't be a short!

On the positive wires, usually the connectors can be released
(with much fussing and perhaps a homemade tool)
and then you can slip heat- shrink tubing over the exposed wires.
It's not a fun job, but almost everything else just isn't a permanent
solution. I keep meaning to try that 'liquid insulation' stuff, but haven't,
and would be afraid it isn't durable enough.

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